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Where Is It?

GTRV Westy Floor Plan 20. rear side window19. shower door18. battery box17. above water tank16. rear storage15. closet14. microwave13. counter storage12. refrigerator11. cabinet under sink10. drop door under sofa9. drawer under sofa8. step above running board7. rear side door6. side door5. passenger seat pocket4. driver seat3. box on floor2. front door pocket2. front door pocket1. cab console

Storage Plan

The clever and efficient 2000 (E150) GTRV Westy has lots of storage areas.  Following is an overall look at my ever- changing method of organizing the "Where Is It?" for 1 or 2 people in the Westy.

Most of my trips last only a few days, but, other than clothing, packing is about the same for longer trips.   After itemizing contents, it seems some duplicates could be eliminated.  

Fabric softener sheets are used to keep areas smelling fresh and repel insects. Rubber shelf liner is used in many places.  Bags made from Polar fleece, nylon mesh, or fabric are used to organize and eliminate rattles.  I love using Polar fleece and Velcro.

1. Console in cab:  Ford owner's manuals, 2 ball-point pens, Vector portable 12Volt LCD voltage meter, clips, band-aids, anti-bacterial towelettes, highlighter marker, scratch pad, tiny calendar, 12V map light (also used in TV DC outlet behind stove).
Rather than use the bubble level when parking at a campsite, I drop the beaded spider down from the visor and let it settle above the center spot on the target on the console ashtray lid.  The spider is attached to a fine "invisible" thread and pinned to the ceiling over the target spot, working like a construction plumb bob.  My driveway is not very level! spider

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2. Pockets in front doors:  extra-long tire gauge, magnifying glass, extra sunglasses.

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3. Box:   Made from Masonite with hand-holds sawed into ends - 17" x 8-1/2" x 8-1/2" - formerly used as a sewing machine cover.
Contains a camera, camera bag, deck of playing cards, canister of "Wet Ones", Gin Rummy computer game, hand sanitizer, hand cream, OFF insect repellent, sunscreen, Kleenex, bandaids, highlighting marker for maps, pens and paper pads, sunglasses, a few audio tapes and CDs, jar of lozenges, candy, drinking water while driving, various sized clamps, etc.   This box fits into a plastic milk carrier which is anchored with bungie cords and holds the laptop computer, also bungied.  

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4. Driver seat:  pocket on back of seat  is usually empty (but handy for maps, brochures, floppy disks).
Behind the seat - wood folding table, metal mesh folding table, 4 insulated sun screens used in cab.

The lightweight steel mesh folding table replaces the heavy 3-part table for use outside in the screen room. The wood table is used in the van.  

Under driver seat:  Rubbermaid 9" x 13" x 4" six-quart box with a clean-up rag, a window sponge/chamois pad, portable CB radio (CB uses 12V outlet on dash and magnetic antenna).

steel mesh table

wood folding table

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5. Passenger seat pocket:  Naugahyde Westy portfolio with instructions and info. On long trips, I carry a 5" x 12" x 3-1/2" zippered audio cassette tape holder under the seat.

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6. Side door pocket:  bottle insect repellent, can of bug spray, flyswatter, disinfectant wipes, small whisk broom with scooper, small hand brush-type picker- upper for carpet, fine mesh screens for cab windows rolled and stored in plastic bag.
Wood craft beads were applied on the sharp points of several screws that protruded into various storage areas.
window screening rolled up

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7. Other side door pocket:  DC trouble light, Westy snap-on heavy curtain for front cab windows. A small 2-1/2" square battery-operated alarm clock is hooked on window drape retaining cord.  A yardstick and 12" ruler fit on the ledge above - behind the fire extinguisher.

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8. Step above running board:  1 or 2 gallon jugs of drinking water, plus 1/2 gallon jug, on strip of rubber shelf covering.  Gallon jugs are put on picnic table at campsite.

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9. Sofa drawer:  canned goods, snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables. One small pillow on top of sofa. Shaggy Texas star quilt of denim and flannel covers sofa. There is an approx. 6" x 10" x 7" irregular shaped compartment to the left of the drawer, accessible only when lifting the sofa - not used yet.

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10. Drop door under sofa:  cloth drawstring bag with water hose and short hose, pressure control, Y-connector, spray nozzle; beach/shower sandals; slip-on shoes; 2 regular-sized umbrellas (easy access).  Funai 9" TV/VCR just fits in the space on floor between the sofa and fridge.

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11. Cabinet under sink:  Porti-potti, bath tissue, "Wet Ones" wipes, Dove body refreshers, Bingo markers, rubber gripper/opener.

I made a velour cover for the Porta-Potti so it could be also used as an ottoman. The Porta-Potti slides easier into the cabinet under the sink using a heavy plastic cutting sheet under the bottom.

porta-potti in cabinet

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12. Fridge:  I found, re-shaped, and inserted a wire shelf, and then added a 13" x 6" x 6" wire basket below it which contains a box of baking soda. An inside- outside digital thermometer monitors temperature in fridge.  Plenty of room for food and drink for several days.
Drawer under fridge:  2 plastic divided cutlery trays containing scissors, lighter, matches, stapler, can opener, plate scraper, pancake turner, clips, straws, etc. drawer under fridge

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13. Counter lift-up cabinet:  2 dinner plates, 3 luncheon plates, 2 cups, 4 tumblers, powder creamer, sugar, salt and pepper shaker, pill box. Small roll of paper towels fits in space below mirror.  A clear plastic divided holder on the wall above the counter top is easy access to knives, forks, spoons, cheese cutter.  Plug-in strip under counter for convenience.  

A mirror was added to the wall above the counter next to the stove.  After considerable searching, I finally found a framed mirror the desired size (11" x 14").  Removed the frame, backed the mirror with cardboard and rubber shelf cover, put grey duct tape around the edges (matches the grey interior), and used regular clear plastic mirror clips for fastening.  A small lamp is used for additional light in this area.

silver holder

electric outlet strip

Under counter cabinet:   electric teapot, plastic bag of styrofoam dinner plates, snack plates and bowls   (about 10 each), packaged desserts (cookies, donuts).  Two plastic mesh baskets help organize this area. A line voltage monitor is plugged in the AC outlet close to the floor where it can be easily read.

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14. Microwave:  bread and bakery to prevent squashing.

Cabinet under microwave:   electric heater, electric fan, microwave pans in 3 sizes, frying pan with lid, saucepan with lid, electric saucepan.

Shelf above microwave:  3" x 3" x 7" polarfleece bag with plastic rain-jackets, video tapes (at least 4), nylon bag with TV rabbit ears, DC cord, earphone, cable wire and instruction book.

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15. Closet:  3 shelves on the left side of the closet hold hats, 2 heavy plastic ponchos, 1 set of rope lights.   A hanging plastic compartment bag, with 4" x 6" x 1" first aid kit and space for other items, was added to the back of the closet. Velcro was used on the back of the holder to secure it against the napped wall. Several hooks were applied to the side wall for jackets, laundry bag, and keys.  Additional hooks are attached inside several storage compartments. A plastic dishpan on the shelf holds folded backpack, sweatshirts, etc.

Bin under closet:  Custom-made clear plastic divided holder on left side wall contains screwdrivers, scissors, wrench pliers, stakes, plastic nozzle for filling water tank.

closet bag and hooks

tool pockets

Also stored here - tablecloth (currently using an orange Halloween print), 1 nylon 8' x 10' tarp, 1 old bright red nylon poncho, emergency reflectors and flares, can of oil for Ford motor, "Send Help/Call Police" placard rolled up, 15" x 26" astro-turf carpet rolled up.
Zippered tool kit, 10" x 8" x 4", with duct tape, masking tape, spare bulbs and fuses, fuse puller, socket things, hose gaskets, etc.
Plastic covered cardboard box, 11" x 4" x 6", with tablecloth clamps, glue, duct tape, electricians tape, bug repellent, sun screen, hand sanitizer, tiny container of sewing machine oil, a few lengths of lightweight rope, bungie cords, clamps, etc.

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16. Floor in rear:  Two ski poles for hiking, 2 golf umbrellas, 2 aluminum poles for blue plastic tarp, and 5-foot length of garden hose for draining holding tank - all in waterproof nylon tent pole bag.  Piece of heavy carpet (8" x 26") for kneeling on, plastic bucket, 2 plastic dishpans (used for washing sand off feet and shoes and holding down things), three 8x10 blue plastic tarps (one very old worn one for ground cover by side doors used with foot wiper rug; one with sleeves added used for awning), 2 folding chairs, 2 chair pads, beach umbrella, electric folding bike and blue plastic bike cover, helmet, bike lock, (3-speed pedal bicycle is carried on front bumper rack). The folding boat, PFD, and paddle are also stored here.
Sun-Twist pop-up screen room (6' x 6' x 6') used for protection from insects. It folds into a compact flat circle and stores behind the sofa. Very easy to set up and take down. Stakes, ropes, and mosquito coils are kept in a plastic zippered pouch in the bag.

Bicycles, beach, and boating gear taken on an "as-needed" or "as-wanted" basis, while some items remain permanently in the van.

pop-up screen room

screen room in bag

Larger thick pad is used on the sofa bed.  Smaller one is used in the upper bunk.  Both are enclosed in a zippered cover and fastened with surgical-strength Velcro straps.

Down-filled sleeping bags (according to weather conditions) can be compressed into smaller bags but used with large velour bags fastened with Velcro. Each bag holds a loosely stuffed down bag, a zippered cotton sheet used as a bag liner or lightweight cover, and a lightweight cuddly piece of fabric used as a very light blanket with "Don't Worry"  pattern printed in several languages.

mattress pads

down bags

Rolled-up mattress pads and travel bags are placed on the deck behind the sofa.  Each person has a zippered travel bag for clothing and a cloth bag for shower/personal use.  My shower bag contains a washcloth, small terry towel, kdanga (46" x 66" cotton Malawi body wrap), small bag containing toothbrush and paste, soap, shampoo, etc.).  Almost everything has loops for hanging.   At the campsite, bags are moved from behind sofa to the cab area - driver gets the driver seat area and passenger gets space behind rotated seat.

Small articles can be placed on the ledge when the top is popped - great place to put keys, eyeglasses, etc.   Bed pillows and sleeping bags are piled on sofa or on top of everything else behind sofa while traveling; put on top bunk when camped.

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17. Water tank area:  10" x 22" opening (16" x 22" X 6" lower space) for electric cable extension, foot-operated tire pump, small hacksaw. There is also a 10" x 15" x 5" irregular space over wheel well. Water piping and heat ducts are also in these areas, so items are in cloth bags and carefully stored.

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18. Battery compartment:  7" x 28" x 11-1/2" space has 1 battery and 2 yellow plastic tire chocks.

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19. Back shower door:  extra lengths of TV cable.

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20. Window next to sofa:  removable Toyota auto cargo net put on hooks from front of sofa to rear of van - used for storing hats, clothing and other objects while camping.

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Have fun!

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