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GTRV Westy
(Pictured in previous owner's driveway)
2000 GTRV Westy

We bought this lightly-used 2000 GTRV Westy on September 14, 2002.  Built on a 1999 Ford Econoline 150 Van with Triton Engine, 4.6L, EFI V8, with 25,485 miles on odometer.  It has a Panasonic 110V, 6000BTU air conditioner, pop-top roof, 10 gallon fresh water tank, 6 gallon grey water tank, running boards, no water heater. This is the wiring chart that came with the van.

Where do we put everything in the Westy?

Ev and John RV Features

The 18-foot Class B camper has a dual electric refrigerator with freezer, 2-burner LP stove, stainless steel sink with 12-volt water supply and city water, integrated propane system, power converter, two stow-away tables, propane detector, 45-foot outdoor extension cord, outside-use shower nozzle, GE microwave oven, Suburban electronic 12,000 BTU propane furnace, Porta-potti.

Westy in Illinois Our Trips

Our first Westy trip was mushrooms 2002.  We stopped at several Coast-to-Coast RV resorts on the way to Illinois and return.  Stayed at a relative's house (temps down to 30 degrees), parking the rv in their driveway.  See GoodeG for other trips.

front window screen side door screen

Window Screens

Screens were made for the two cab windows and also the one side door, using sew-in magnets and nylon mesh fabric to provide protection from no-see-ums. The cab windows are envelope-type, and the side door  screen has magnets from business cards, plus grommets that fit over the window fastener nuts. The two front door screens are stored in the side door pocket.  An additional set of cab window screens is made from regular fiberglas screening and magnets, but it is easier using the envelopes.

insulated shade Window Shades

Suction cups were added to insulated sun shields for the two cab side windows and front cab window.  The rear windows are covered with 16 x 16 inch insulated panels formerly used in roof vents in our Class Cs, now using suction cups.  Using additional sun shields over other windows, covered with the heavy curtains, we beat the summer heat in Florida.  

water plug repair Minor Repairs

We found an RV dust plug for city water supply inlet for $4 at an RV dealership to replace the worn plastic plug. Other repairs included replacing plastic tubing to fix a leak in the rear shower hose, replacing broken water drain spigot, duct tape patching on weatherstripping, installing a First Alert Carbon Monoxide alarm.  Still have to install smoke alarm and figure out roof TV antenna.

bike rack Bike Rack

Using the bike rack that we previously and successfully used on a front hitch on our Ford Explorer, tubes were fastened to the front bumper. We carry one 3-speed coaster brake bicycle.

2 Westies Two Westies

We met these two West Highland White terriers and their owners at the Fernandina Beach Marina on Amelia Island in Florida. The dogs were named "Marco" and "Polo."

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