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I have always been interested in various handcrafts, but after I retired, I was able to spend more time with it and enjoy it more. Knitting was one craft I did not continue in Florida.


At a pioneer exhibit I was fascinated by a lady showing how to make baskets from long pine needles. The book she recommended helped with this project. I made these three baskets using needles I gathered on canoe trips and plastic strands from lawn chair webbing. The two smaller ones were given to our daughters as Easter baskets. I did not want to make any more of these baskets because they took too much time and patience to make. Also shown is a flower from a wooden dowel that was carved and shaped with a pocketknife.


A lamp similar to these two was given to us by a neighbor when we stayed for the summer and fall, living in a mobile home on the banks of the Wisconsin River. It is constructed of plastic canvas and yarn with a solid piece of wood in the base. The original was made for a flashlight, but these have little electric candle lights with a switch. They were given to RVing friends.



This ornament was made from plastic canvas, yarn, and beads. I learned to make these at craft classes in our subdivision. Different color combinations were quite effective, but the ornament was a bit too large for our Christmas tree so I hung them in the windows, using suction cup hooks.


The larger beaded candle was made in a craft class at an RV resort. It is made with beads and safety pins around a Glade candle holder. I also made quite a few smaller ones since the extra large safety pins were difficult to find in the craft stores.


Angels and Spiders

These little angels made with wire and beads were perfect for decorating a Christmas tree. This was another project taught at our subdivision craft class which met once a week. These were so much fun making that I got interested in other beaded projects and still make beaded spiders, using larger beads for bodies and bugle beads for legs.



Frisky is enjoying her yellow personalized polar fleece blanket. It is made with a simple blanket stitch around the edge. This fabric improves with laundering, getting softer each time it is washed.


sewing room
Sewing Room

This was my sewing room in Illinois when I had only one sewing machine (Elna Supermatic) and a Babylock Overlock machine. Some spools of thread were kept on the wall using a discarded plastic greeting card display box painted to match the wall.


After two years of trying to sell the patterns and materials for these clowns, I decided to complete them myself. There were eleven clowns - each individually designed. Most of them have found homes, but a few have remained with us. They are quite maneuverable and each has its own personality. They have styrofoam heads, a short length of 2x4 wood for body, and wood clothespins for hands and feet.

clown 1 clown 2

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