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Blue Photo Pillows

These four reversible pillows were made as gifts, using pictures relating to each family. Each pillow has a total of eight pictures on it. I could not find a suitable pillow form, so I used extra long king-sized pillows cut in half, and then recovered to make a well-stuffed 21-inch pillow, not including the ruffle which was hemmed on the Baby Lock overlock machine. Again, I used the dark blue "2000" print. The pillows were so much fun to make, I had to make additional ones from leftover photos printed on fabric. What did not end up as a pillow, ended as pot holders. I finally exhausted my supply of Bubble Jet for photo printing.

Blue Photo Pillows

blue diagonal
Blue Quilts

Blue star diagonal connection quilt (68" x 86") on left required 660 2-1/2 inch squares.

The full-sized strip quilt on the right uses narrow strips of scrap fabric sewn around a sample center motif.  This was given to Val and Larry for their wedding anniversary in 2001.

strip quilt

radiant star
Radiant Star

This 53" by 72" floral rose quilt was inspired by an article in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine , October 1996, entitled "Golden Splendor," using the Radiant Star block with partial seams to eliminate set-in patches. It was an opportunity to use some bright rose patterned fabric that I had. White fabric with tiny rose pattern was used for the backing. Completed July 2001.

Big Cat quilt

Big Cat Nap

Featuring lions, tiger and leopard, a quilt (42" x 42") for Isabella's 1st birthday.

Florida Teams Quilt

Windows  quilt (48" x 57") with Florida Seminoles, Gators, and Marlins prints, with cowboy border, made for Lucas.

Florida sports teams

blue quillow open


This blue opened quillow folds into a pocket which can be used as a pillow.

This photo quillow with a twist was presented to Val in 2001 as a birthday gift. The top side has two of Val's drawings printed on fabric: Butterfly and Cat. More art can be found at Valerie's Galleries.

Val's quillow

escaping bugs Fun Quilts

Several escaping bug quilts  (58" x 74") were made.

Each envelope on the envelope quilt  (50" x 54") contains a laminated card with fabric adhered on one side and a print of the same object on the other.

envelope quilt

raggedy quilt Raggedy Quilts

Two of several raggedy quilts made from loosely woven or flannel  fabrics.  Separate blocks are preassembled before stitching, then laundered and put in the dryer for fluffing. Each side has a totally different look.

raggedy quilt 2

bargello 1 Bargello

Both quilts were made with the same color strips, and John suggested the arrangement shown at the left for his sister's quilt.  Ev's sister received the quilt on right.  Named after the Bargello palace in Florence, Italy.

bargello 2

mirror 1

Mirror Image

Using mirror imaging and a cut-up color printout of the different squares, these two quilts (63" x 74") were made for our daughters.  Each paper square was one-half inch square and arranged to create the pattern.  There were 120 squares in each quilt.  

mirror 2

patriotic banner

Patriotic Banner

I made several of these patriotic banners (14" x 36").  The center was printed on a T-shirt transfer.  

Using polarfleece for backing, I made a few quilts without the usual batting. I have also made many "quillows" as above, which are smaller 45" x 72" quilts that are folded up and stuffed into an attached pocket, making them look like pillows. When I do machine quilting, I first pin the layers together and then use a thin monofilament thread for basting.  At a flea market I found a one-pound spool of green mono thread stamp-dated "Apr 2, 46". This thread was probably used to stitch US Army gear.  When used for basting, it does not interfere with machine stitching and is very easy to remove after quilting.

quilt line by
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