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Bass and Pike

leftJohn with a couple of smallmouth black bass and bluegills caught in a rippling stream in Illinois. There are about 26,300 miles of rivers and streams (300,000 acres) in Illinois.

rightstring of northern pike caught in a trout stream in northern Wisconsin while we were visiting friends at their cottage which was once a railroad station.



leftJohn caught this 4-pound Coho salmon and 9-pound lake trout while fishing out in cold Lake Michigan. Illinois has more than 1.5 million acres of surface waters; about two-thirds is contained in the Illinois part of Lake Michigan (976,640 acres).

rightrainbow trout caught in a spring-fed lake in Illinois. Over 90 percent of the surface water acreage in Illinois (1.4 million acres) is open to public fishing.



leftdead catfish found in the Wisconsin River while we were on a canoeing/camping trip.

rightwhile canoeing in this chain of strip mine lakes in Illinois, John caught quite a few of fish similar to the one pictured.


Wisconsin River

leftEv caught this catfish in the Wisconsin River at night, using a $10 K-mart fishing rod and reel. In an effort to keep the line from breaking, the fish had to be played for almost an hour in the dark, and John finally came to the rescue to bring the fish to shore.

rightthis dead paddlefish (or spoonbill cat) was found in the Wisconsin River while we were staying in a mobile home for the summer.



leftthe lakes in the Ocala National Forest sometimes yield good catches of fish. This is a large bullhead caught from the fishing pier at one of the lakes.

rightone catfish and several panfish caught in a river on a fishing excursion in Florida. The panfish are called "bream."



This two-inch flounder was caught in a dipnet in spring-fed Juniper Creek while we were on a canoe trip. The fish immediately changed color in an effort to match the pattern of the net.


Fort Clinch

leftEv caught this red fish at Fort Clinch while fishing from the shore with her $10 K-Mart pole, which required an hour of playing the fish because of the lightweight line.

rightthis is the fishing boat dock at Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island in Florida.


Puffer Fish

We were netting for blue crabs using chicken legs for bait, when this Puffer fish was attracted to the meat. The fish put on quite a show before we released it. Other things we once accidentally caught were a 12 inch sea turtle, hermit crabs, snails, other fish. Once, a manatee swam up to the net to investigate it.

puffer fish

Crabs and Catfish

leftwe also catch blue crabs in Florida. We caught 83 crabs on this day, but we usually catch about one dozen so we would not have to freeze any.

rightJohn caught this 25-inch six-pound catfish at an RV resort in Illinois. Fishing with ultra-lightweight tackle, he had to tire the fish and then get it up on the pier since we did not have a dipnet at hand.


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