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Ev at Suwanee
Ev at Suwannee River

At Florida's Suwannee River State Park, we took our bicycles with our Class C RVs to enjoy biking on park roads and trails. Since we used regular bikes, we usually rode on the roads and explored a few of the trails. The scenic Withlacoochee River joins the historic Suwannee River within this park.

Ev on Beach
Ev on the Beach

The beach at Little Talbot Island State Park extends for more than five miles on the Atlantic Ocean. The campground is nestled in a live oak hammock amid the dunes along Myrtle Creek across the road from the beach. There are several nature and hiking trails in the park. From there we drove to visit the Kinsley Plantation a short distance down the road on Fort George Island. The planter's residence on the grounds might date to 1798. We also biked those roads under the shade of massive trees.

John on Beach
John on the Beach

From the campground, we crossed the road to the beach side to bike on the smooth hard sand along the ocean at low tide or took the blacktop road if the sand was too soft. Several swimming areas with bathhouses and boardwalks are located along this length of beach, so we combined biking and swimming on hot days. This park is about 30 miles from Fort Clinch State Park, which has about six miles of park roads for biking.

electric bikes

We got two foldable mini electric bikes for Christmas 2002. The bike has a removable 20 pound 24V rechargeable battery and folds up to 30" x 20" x 28" so both fit in our Westy. We put cyclocomputers on each bike. Mine has an Equus 810 230 Ace 5 function and John's had a Pyramid 7 function. During a trip to Fort Clinch, John found he could no longer control his bike due to his progressive health conditions. Another camper with other health problems liked the bike and its features, so John sold his bike to him.

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