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After receiving a grand opening sales brochure from Dick's Sporting Goods listing the 9-foot Swifty kayak, I thought I would just go and look at it after I read the reviews of the boat online. It is made of polyethylene and weighs 39 pounds and is actually 9' 5", but I loved the color.

My Puffin Pakboat is still assembled since one of the gunwales bent after trying to assemble it during the winter. I put two eyebolts on the front fenders of my Toyota Echo for tying the boat down, and use a tie-down strap across the middle and fastened to the the seatbelts on the inside of the car.

I can carry the Swifty the 7/10th of a mile on the converted golf bag cart down to the river launch, but it is not very easy to get it on the car roof and back off. I solved this problem by placing a piece of polar fleece fabric under the foam block carriers and sliding the boat up and off over the trunk at the back of the car. I also use a stripped-down kids' stroller. When using the Westy van, either boat fits inside with the bed open.

On the Silver River
The day after I bought the Swifty, I tried it on the Silver River. My new Werner Kalliste bent-shaft paddle weighs 1-1/2 pounds - half the weight of my old paddle. The Swifty is very stable and much faster than I thought it would be after reading the reviews that said it was anything but "swift.".

Unloaded next to car

On carrying cart

Other carrier

The Spring Run at DeLeon Springs State Park was a great place to practice with the sail. With the addition of the WindPaddle, a self-launching, pop-up sail by Casiera Designs Inc., I am enjoying the rivers more than ever.

On the Silver River boat ramp

View of Lake Woodruff thru sail

WindPaddle Sail

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