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Rhodesian Ridgeback specialty show was held at the State Fairgrounds in Perry, Georgia, April 16-22, 2005. Daughter Vicky, 3 of her dogs, and her children (Lucas, 6 years old on April 23; Isabella, 2-1/2 years old, and Amy, one year old in December) came from Turtle Lake, Wisconsin. I drove up from Ocala, FL, and we camped at my Coast to Coast home park, Southern Trails at Umadilla, Georgia, about 15 miles south of the dog show at Perry.

Vicky used a trailer with her mini-van to accommodate all the gear she needed for the dog show and the children's entertainment, which included several dog crates, barrel of dog food, bicycle and tricycles, baby stroller, bike carrier for children, plastic wading pool, plus tent camping equipment.

The campground is located in a grove of pecan trees, but the trees were not fully leafed out at this time. The campsite was conveniently located near the children's playground and the restroom/shower facility. The swimming pool was not ready to use so the wading pool was used on several warm days. Vicky arrived after midnight on Saturday, April 16, after being stopped by a freight train in Umadilla, which woke the children from their naps.

The weather was perfect all week, until about a half hour after we left the fairgrounds. We then had a severe thunderstorm. When I returned to the campground, my campsite was covered with several inches of water. I continued my trip the following Sunday to the Swamp, the Island, and the Fort.

Kids in van the first night

Vicky's van and trailer


A big kiss

"Got milk?"

Lucas the Photographer

Lucas and his dog in the obedience show ring

The long down

Another long down

The rewards

In the ring (photo by Lucas)

Getting their attention (photo by Lucas)

More rewards

Cooling off

Our campsite at Southern Trails

Bike riding

Talking to horses

Future dog trainer

Future driver

Bird watcher

Playing in the pond with "Pan"

Ready to go

Packed in the van


In the shade

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