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Physical Problems

Trying to renew my driver's license last October, I completely failed the eye test.   After replacing my old, clouded lenses with the "AcrySof ReSTOR" artificial intraocular lenses, I was able to pass my driving exam, without wearing glasses.    But my arthritic knee was still a problem and it collapsed last November, resulting in a broken arm.    The arm had to heal before working on the knee.

My orthopedic surgeon had fixed my broken wrist caused by a canoeing accident in 1996, and had also kept my knee working with arthroscopy in 1997 and numerous cortisone shots throughout the last few years, but the knee was no longer fixable.    I went to a preoperative education session at the hospital which emphasized the importance of good pain management and much information about the plan of care during and after surgery.

The Operation

My date of surgery was February 10, 2006.    This had to be done before the planned Alaska Cruise in May so I would be able to walk.    The worse thing about the operation was the use of the machine that was supposed to keep my knee flexing throughout the night.    Two nights were the limit.    The Natural-Knee II replacement surgery with an orthopedic implant made by Sulzer Orthopedics was done by the traditional procedure with computer-assisted alignment by my very competent and reassuring surgeon.

The "Machine"

The Rehabilitation Center

After a couple of nights in the hospital, I was taken to Oakhurst Rehabilitation Center (the home away from home) since there was nobody at my house to help me.    I thought I would be spending one week there, but I was there for an entire month with physical and occupational therapy twice a day almost every day.    Luckily, my friends came often to visit and I met many new friends at the center.


More Flowers

The Therapy Garden

The weather was very pleasant, but there was frost on the roofs one morning.    On warmer days, I was able to get into the therapy garden area.    The therapists and entire team of experienced professionals helped me tremendously on the road to recovery.    I can now walk again with comfort.

Frosty Roof

Me in the gazebo

The Food

The three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) were very well-balanced and planned.    The dietary program had appealing menus, menu review meetings, and menu flexibility.    At night the nurses would offer additional snacks and pain pills if we needed them.    After a few meals in my room, I started going to the lunchroom where I met several friends.

Once a week, we had an "Ice Cream Lady" with an amazing selection of flavors and cookies.    It was sort of like a social hour that many people looked forward to.


Ice Cream Lady


The Center had a large bird enclosure that was a great source of amusement.    It was located in one of the activity rooms where there always was some activity going on or planned.    Each month a schedule of special events and activities was posted on the bulletin boards.   There were activities planned for almost every day with special events during holidays.

Bird Cage


The Wildlife

There was not very much wildlife in the outdoor gardens, but there were a couple of interesting discoveries in my room.    The drain fly was found in the wash basin and I was very surprised to find out what kind of insect it was.

My roommate discovered the live spider on the floor next to her bed and an exterminator thought he got rid of the beast.    A couple of days later, it showed up in a corner of the shower stall and I thought it was dead.    It was not, but before I captured it, it lost two of its limbs.    It was sent to my daughter in Austin, Texas, for identification, and then released in her gardens.

Drain Fly (Moth Fly) Diptera Psychoda

Wolf Spider Araneae Lycosida

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